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The Robert H. Lord company, a premiere New England distributor of furniture, fixed seating and sports equipment specializes products for Education, Office and Healthcare.

The Challenge

As a premiere New England distributor of commercial furnishings, sports Equipment and Fixed Seating for education, Office, Healthcare and more, we were tasked with upgrading our client’s Web presence from a static information site to a catalog based product-centric interactive user experience.

The Solution

To upgrade RHL’s Web presence we designed a multi-brand online catalog which would be central to the site’s functionality, its user experience and organic search characteristics. Since our client was a B2B supplier, the company would not actually be selling online. We therefore modified our shopping cart creating a “quote” cart. In this way, users could search the products they wanted and use the cart and checkout function to request a quote from the company. Today the Website hosts nearly 1,000 products from several manufacturers and includes sections for news, new installations and a new Designer Series section covering premiere furniture brands. How did we do? In the past year, unique monthly traffic to the Website has more than doubled and continues to increase nearly every month.

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People want to find the products they're looking for. Whether they find their way to your Website using search engines, referrals or because they're a current customer. That's why we provide comprehensive ecommerce solutions that extend the functionality and relevance of you Website.

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  • Secure hosting
  • Shopping/quote cart solutions
  • Website marketing

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